Thursday, May 19, 2005

A semblance of credibility

Naturally, the message boards are full of discussion today. Why did Melville go? Was the timing right? Should Ryan have left too? Who will replace the fellow? The pithiest comment I read was that should Sir Clive Woodward take over (unlikely, I admit), how would he manage to pick a team not containing any Gloucester players. Personally, I feel that all conjecture on the part of supporters is utterly expected yet ultimately pointless. Not one of us could do anything more than guess what goes on behind the scenes at Stade Kingsholm. My hopes are that the next appointment brings a semblance of credibility back to the old place. I would think the time is ripe for a hard-nosed Southern Hemisphere type to take the reins. I worry sometimes that a drinking culture thrives at the club and that some players lack the required levels of professionalism. I want this sorted. My other concern right now is that potential signings that were lined up may think again. I am thinking mainly of Big Bob Casey here.

My choice this morning for Director of Rugby was Kevin Putt, a canny old fox who was in charge of Natal until his recent sacking. He has knowledge of the Premiership having played for London Irish and I reckon his knowledge of South African rugby would be useful in attracting possible recruits. However, I note that from online searches that he wasn’t too highly regarded by fans of the Sharks. I also have a nagging doubt about John Kirwan’s credentials but am unable to explain why – just a gut instinct, I guess.

I received my Creative Zen MP3 player yesterday and already have chucked 33 CDs onto the blighter. I love the thing. The sound quality is marvellous and it is very easy to use. I just need to learn how to ‘tag’ untagged tracks and I’ll be fully there. At this point some readers nod sagely while others go, ‘Eh..?’ I have got a 40GB player so the capacity is there for well in excess of 12,000 tracks. This is a cool gadget. This is a cool gadget.

I was so busy ripping CDs last night that I didn’t write anything much on here. I should have, of course, mentioned that it was 25 years ago to the day that Ian Curtis hung himself. I have been playing Unknown Pleasures and Closer a fair bit in recent weeks. They still sound utterly compelling and timeless. The tragedy is that Joy Division could have continued to have made soaring, otherworldly music with Curtis. I wonder what we have missed out on.