Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Little Mouse With Clogs On

To suggest that I am looking forward to this coming weekend’s canter across the channel to the historic lanes of Amsterdam – and Saturday’s concert party featuring Master Sufjan Stevens – would be an understatement of immense proportions. I can’t wait. I’ve hardly thought of the Amsterdam aspect of the weekend as I’ve been so keen to see Stevens but a Rough Guide to the city has arrived home so I can flick through that later. I quite fancy the Saturday flea market that takes place there.

I have been trying hard to find reviews of Stevens’s gigs last week in Manchester and London but, unless I have been searching with a tangible lack of skill, I have discovered little. I didn’t learn a great deal from this Evening Standard piece but this blog made up for it with some touching words, a couple of pictures, and some opportunities to download a few songs (I’d recommend Seven Swans if I was pushed to pick one). That setlist looks impressive and I’m thrilled that my favourite album, Seven Swans is so heavily represented. Hurrah etc. There are some gorgeous Barbican pictures here too. I’m tempted to chuck the first one on my desktop as wallpaper.

My last trip to mainland Europe to enjoy popular music was reported here.

My Elton John research project is gaining pace.

Half an hour later and my searching skills have returned. Andy Gill has a piece about the Barbican concert in today's Independent and gives it five whole stars. There was a bit in yesterday's Guardian which I failed to spot in the actual paper version of the journal but is here in all its online glory.

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