Saturday, November 25, 2006

Senses 6 - Purchases 9

A profitable morning was spent in merry Gloucester today. Purely by chance, I alighted upon one of the regular (irregularly regular if y’know what I mean) sales of CDs and other media at the historic and impressive Gloucester City Library. For two British quid a CD you can’t go wrong. My reliable sixth sense alerted me to the presence of A in the city and a brief SMS text summoned the fellow to the racks of musical treats too. I ended up with nine CDs which the kind woman behind the serving counter surprisingly charged me a mere fourteen pounds for. I’m delighted with my purchases but, as ever, I’m concerned that I have too much music to listen to. Maybe I should consider getting up an hour earlier to fit in an extra album each day.

I never bother looking at the DVDs and videos on sale. Maybe I should.

Look, I’ll list what I bought below. OK?

Two albums by the enigmatic ex-Sugarcube Bjork, Vespertine and Medulla. I’m playing the latter as I tap these words in.

Two albums by Lambchop, Nixon and Is a Woman.

Body Song by Jonny Greenwood.

10,000Hz Legend by Air.

Resist by Kosheen.

Geogaddi by Boards of Canada which I already know well and have on my MP3 Player but which I fancied actually owning.

Harder Than The Best by Burning Spear which seems to be a compilation of his mid-1970s stuff. I have quite a few of the tracks off this already but I’m happy to give it houseroom.


Sweeny said...
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Sweeny said...

Yeah, thanks for the tip, Martin, I wish I'd had more time really, I'm already regretting not picking up more. The Horace Andy's great, mind.

Martin Cole said...

My purchases are mighty fine too. I love the Lampchop - gorgeous...