Saturday, November 18, 2006


Two days ago I was cussing that Monday’s Turin Brakes concert at the Guildhall had sold out before I could get my derriere into gear sufficiently to purchase tickets. Today, however, all is well as a clever trip to the historic venue this morning allowed me to pick up a couple of returned tickets, specifically the couple of returned tickets. It should be good. The atmosphere at any sold out gig is special and I have always appreciated Turin Brakes and their folky, intelligent, occasionally dark songs. I only have their first album, The Optimist LP, but I’ve quietly enjoyed all the stuff I’ve heard since. The Optimist contains some lovely, moving songs and I’ve been reacquainting myself with its elegant harmonies and wordy worthiness today. Any plaintive love song that mentions WD-40 gets my vote and the soaring Underdog (Save Me) ticks that particular box splendidly.

I’m glad the Guildhall is getting a few more ‘name bands’ these days as I was concerned at the amount of third rate punk bands and tribute acts. I’ve heard that an arrangement with Warwick University Students’ Union has meant that both venues can book the same act so that they play consecutive nights at Warwick and Gloucester without either place stealing punters from the other. I await further developments and further fun.

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