Thursday, December 07, 2006


I was excited to learn via A on Monday evening that record chain Fopp has opened a branch within the city streets of Gloucester, quite near to the old MVC emporium just off the historic Square of Kings. I’ve always enjoyed trotting into Fopp in London and have purchased a fair few items from its well-stacked and generously priced racks ‘n’ shelves. They sell loads of CDs for a fiver or so and it’s all good quality stuff too. Few nasty little bands. It appears that A picked up the third Turin Brakes album for three pounds at the weekend and this augers well for bargain bonanzas to come. Still on the subject of cut price music, an email in my bulging inbox informs me that the library service is to host a CD and media sale every month. As I listen in an awestruck aspect to the blistering Vespertine by Bjork, mine for two pounds a fortnight ago, I am able to vouch for the wondrousness of that particular mart.

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