Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moving Images

Tired tonight and looking forward to a break.

There are a couple of films I wouldn’t mind watching at the Guildhall next week. Part of me is always up for seeing old classics on the big screen so next Tuesday’s Some Like It Hot appeals. If that doesn’t come off, On The Waterfront is on soon to cater for my monochrome longings. I could have been a contender too incidentally. I quite fancy The Queen too – but, heck, not literally! Verily, gentle reader, I refer to the feature film of that name which examines how the death of ‘The People’s Princess’ (remember her?) impacted on the establishment. Helen Mirren is in it. She’s good.

Finally, after days of calls and enquiries, my new phone is working. I had wanted to transfer my old number over from Orange and this proved problematic. It has taken four days for me to be able to receive calls and texts. I could contact folk but not the other way round. It’s been a frustrating few days but indicative of how attached I have become to my phone. I don’t think I had a mobile eighteen months ago.

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