Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Rugby

Edinburgh 14 - Gloucester 31

Although I watched the match on my own – we had Sky Sports and Movies reinstalled last week as a Christmas treat – I feel a bit hoarse. I was yelling like a demonic demon when Oliver Morgan flashed through to collect a Willy Walker kick and canter deliriously over the whitewash for Gloucester’s crucial fourth try. Gloucester deserved to win; the forward platform the dignified Bortolami and colleagues provided was awesome and, especially when Richards and Walker formed the half-back duo, the backs attacked with no little élan. It was terribly exciting.

With hindsight, I am glad that Leinster defeated Agen yesterday. The French team are rather unsatisfactorily positioned to qualify now and I’m not sure how much of a struggle they will put up against the esteemed and mighty city club in our next Heineken Cup fixture. If Gloucester can sneak another 5-0 victory (or 5-1 or 5-2) then the Leinster match will be a huge and historic battle. But, let’s take one game at a time and not consider the Irish for a while; I’ve suffered too many anti-climaxes to start fantasising about silverware yet.

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