Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Whole-Wheat Bisks Today

It is good to relax. Tonight we’re going to watch A Very Long Engagement on Sky Movies, sip pleasing drinks and indulge in up-market snacks. Not having to use one brain cell considering what to do tomorrow is so life-affirming after a hectic few weeks. Sitting here typing these few sentences into the computer while listening to Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is as animated as I intend to be today. My breakfast this morning symbolised my holiday mood. Instead of the usual, rushed brace of whole-wheat bisks und soya milk, I was able to poach a pair of freshly laid eggs, fry a handful of closed cup mushrooms and lay said items tenderly upon some toasted wholemeal bread with a splash of Soy sauce and a scattering of sea salt to season the serving. This meal set me up for the day beautifully.


Adam said...

The health and well being of your chooks seems to be implied in your post - how is that project going on?

Have you noticed the extraordinary prices that SSS is achieving with his Christmas release on ebay. Fortunately I managed to snag the very last remaining copy in cheltenham at the fine music reatiler that is HMV (apologies for having doubted their stocklist). I had to hand it to a security guard for safe keeping whilst I hunted down my wife for access to her purse - I think it worth the £13.95.

Martin Cole said...

The implied health and well being of the chickens is valid: they are doing well. It has proved an interesting and fulfilling 18 months of Good Life-esque egg collecting and, actually, I'll probably chuck an illustrated posting about the blighters on these pages very soon. So watch this space for further details!

Glad you got your boxed set. I haven't checked ebay but they must be rarer than hens' teeth I reckon. Very fine album. Looking forward to the next 'proper' SS release - I read somewhere that he is bringing out an album all about birds next year.