Monday, July 30, 2007


We had a lot of fun at Eurodisney – or Disney Resort, Paris as it has been cunningly renamed in recent years. I’m quite cynical about the ol’ Disney brand but I was won over by the whole experience of the park. Having a seven year old helps but the parades were really impressive and all the characters that roamed the expanses, signing autographs and hugging the nippers were rather charming. The rides ranged from the quaint to the exhilarating and we managed to go just about everything. My knuckles grew less white as the week went on and, accompanied by son and heir, tried all the big rides. My first lily-livered attempt at the terrifying Space Mountain is pictured above; I grew to enjoy it though and managed to keep my eyes open on my second expedition. The Coles also managed a couple of days in Paris and did all the usual stuff: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pompidou Centre and the obligatory boat trip on the Seine.

I thank those who texted me with news that Chris Paterson is joining the mighty Gloucester club from Edinburgh. I’m heartened by the signing. Here is a player who has accumulated a mass of points at international level but is not just a points machine; I rate his attacking verve and his wit with ball in hand. He will dominate games for the club and not be content with mere cameo roles. I know D will not appreciate my appraisal of the boy Lamb but I don’t recall the youngster ‘bossing’ too many matches last term; his time will come but, for now, I wish to see the level-headed and classy Scot at ten with Ryan Lamb continuing his education within the matchday 22.

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