Sunday, July 01, 2007


I’m no businessman and I am unsure of the whys and wherefores but I am saddened that the Fopp record chain appears to have ceased trading. All shops have closed and it seems that staff have not been remunerated for their efforts over the past month. I really liked Fopp. I first encountered the retail outlet in London a year and one quarter of a year ago. After a morning browsing the quirky stores in Berwick Street, the benevolent burgher of Highgate (out of Newentville), D, graciously led me, an innocent abroad, to the world of Fopp and, specifically, the Shaftsbury Avenue branch. I was impressed by the wide range of long players available, the sense that fans of the mainstream weren’t overtly catered for and the unstinting attempts to produce extremely fine value. My first visit to Fopp is tenderly recorded here and I’m suddenly hugely tempted to put on the Roni Size album in a while (I’m playing Alligator by The National as I pen these heartfelt words). I hope something is sorted out soon. I want my Fopp back.

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