Saturday, September 27, 2008


The murky beginnings of a chill haunt me somewhat. A healthy swig of Night Nurse* and a good night’s sleep beckons. I may exceed the recommended dose ever-so-slightly.

My new favourite long player is Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by the American Americana outfit Wilco. I am aware that D has been singing this recording’s praises for ages but I finally downloaded it last week and have been playing it to death ever since. This is a collection of moving country-tinged epics given a gentle experimental stroke or two. The melodies are gorgeous while the lyrical content is at times bitter, at times haunting and at times downright weird. It’s one of those albums where one fabulous number ends and you suddenly think, Oh, this next track is remarkable too. All the songs are rather fine but there is a run of about four or five absolute classics towards the end. I would write more but I’m glancing coquettishly at the Night Nurse with an ignoble glint in the ol’ organ o’ sight.

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