Saturday, September 06, 2008

There's a Place

If you squint you might believe those lovable moptops are posing precociously in the swanky back-streets of Paris. I reckon J, P, G and R are relaxing in Blackpool though. The reason for proffering the perky picture is to advertise my issuing of the answers to the Beatles questions I offered to a grateful nation a week or so ago. The solutions are secreted away in the ‘comments’ area of that particular posting. Take a peep, pop-pickers.

I finally purchased my season ticket this morning and look forward to cheering on my followed team, Gloucester, in the fabled and historic rugby union code of football. Tomorrow, weather permitting, the Tigers of Leicester come calling and it should be a close match. The home side shall miss the effervescent presence of the injured Fijian tyro Qera in the back row but maybe the wet pitch would not suit his expansive skills. The no-nonsense Scot Strokosch wears the fabled ‘7’ shirt which effectively means the old warhorse Hazell is now the third choice on the side they call ‘open’. I note that the colossus James is preferred to the thoroughbred Brown at lock; this is a surprise but one I can live with. Can I flirt with controversy for a moment? I fear my team shall win nothing with the unreliable and inconsistent Lamb at the crucial outside half position. The energetic and stylish Barkeley is rumoured to be heading for Lamb’s ‘10’ shirt and I am convinced this selection will prove more fruitful for the famed fellows who don the cherry and white. Howe’er’, I warmly salute all members of the Gloucester squad on the eve of a new campaign. Play up, gentlemen, play up!

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