Monday, September 08, 2008

One (or two) for the plot

The Coles possess a couple more chickens. A pair of Colombian Blacktails have moved in after their potential plight was highlighted in Saturday’s Citizen. Their tails aren’t at all black and nothing suggests a South American lineage. There is not a hint of a Zapata moustache between them. We’re hoping they lay eggs and keep their beaks shut in the early hours. It’s all we ask for. I’ll take a picture soon to display their speckled beauty.

The rugby football was awful yesterday and I’m lacking any real enthusiasm to report ‘pon it. Rank errors prevented Gloucester’s noble team from bagging a try or two for themselves and rendering the game safeish. I shall highlight a positive. Oliver Morgan’s performance at full back was sublime, a masterclass of running, jumping, catching, thinking and tackling. He even swore with bewitching class; his anguished yell towards the end of the match included more than a indication of Anglo-Saxon and demonstrated just how much victory meant to the well-spoken and flaxen youth.

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