Friday, April 03, 2009

And you may find yourself...

I’ve been in poor health this week and unable to summon the energy or inclination to post on here. I apologise.

Last weekend’s trip to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall requires a mention. David Byrne produced a remarkable set of funky, riddimic splendour that had a large crowd merrily bopping and saluting the former Talking Head with fervour and joy. The main ‘set texts’ were, I suppose, Fear of Music and the remarkable Remain in Light although a few tracks from Byrne’s recent collaboration with Brian Eno were showcased as well. The fellow certainly knows how to put on a splendid show. A hip (some would say ‘uber-hip’) dance collective complemented the scorching aural treats with plenty of abstract movements and energetic tomfoolery. As the dashing S mentioned afterwards, with such a marvellous back catalogue you can’t really go wrong. There were too many highlights to mention but I loved all the Remain in Light stuff, dug a vigorous I Zimbra and sighed contentedly at a bewitching Heaven. The two hours rocketed by. I confess that often I’m keen for concerts to err on the side of caution and not go on too long but I acclaimed the length of this recital and was thrilled that three encores were proffered to a delirious audience. A travelled to Bristol to see Byrne last week and wrote of the event with far more eloquence than I can muster. Visit the wistful fellow here; he has multimedia treats for you.

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Sweeny said...

"energetic tomfoolery"! That's the word. Brilliant!