Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our gain is your loss, thats the price you pay

The Guide in Saturday’s Guardian consistently provides plenty of advice for hepcats and hipsters, offering sagacity galore pertaining to, inter alia, upcoming music tours, comedy, feature films, events and televisual joy. There’s always a page devoted to the latest appealing internet sites and ‘twas here, today, that I got the idea to open my own online record store. is an offshoot of Warp Records. It allows punters to make their own little online boutique, flog some sounds and, I believe, keep 10% of the proceeds. I’ve created my own cosy store and named it after this humble weblog. There are about fifty albums there, all owned by myself already in some format or other and recommended wholeheartedly. As this land's worst possible businessman, I don’t really expect to actually sell anything to anyone but it was a happy half hour creating the page. However, if by any huge oversight, you don’t already own anything by Sufjan Stevens (the world’s most remarkable recording artist), you can quickly put this right. The same goes for Boards of Canada, The Go-Betweens, Burial or Pavement, all artists I have sighed wistfully about over the past years or decades.

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