Friday, April 17, 2009

Troxy Music

I enjoyed a brief chat with London-based D earlier. The charming product of Newent School has secured me a ticket to attend a concert featuring American alt-rockers Wilco. The Illinoisan collective is playing the capital’s Troxy venue a day or two after headlining the Green Man Festival at the fag end of August. I have started my revision for this recital this evening. Already familiar with the group’s marvellous Yankee Hotel Foxtrot long player, I have downloaded that album’s follow-up, A Ghost is Born which is surging joyously through my beloved Sennheiser headphones as I pen these very words. The Troxy seems a fabulous place to attend live performances. It’s a 1930s art deco listed building which saw many years’ service as a cinema; it looks rather beautiful, both inside and out.

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