Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Cement Garden

Rarely, very rarely, a posting arrives here, featuring hints of hard labour being carried out by my humble and wan self. The Coles have a project on the go at the moment. Last year we purchased, for an undisclosed amount of sovereigns and guineas, the bottom half of our neighbours’ rear garden. Last May, after a bout of drilling and breaking of hardcore, a summerhouse was erected and this week we’re laying a paved section in front of it and putting down a winding path that’ll run the full length of our L-shaped area of horticulture. We’re using reclaimed bricks and pammet (a new word for me) tiles for the 'patio' to make it look all red ‘n’ old. I’ll publish a photograph of the finished article later this week but meanwhile, for thrill-seekers everywhere, here’s a pair of carefully posed action shots indicating ‘work in progress’.

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