Sunday, September 27, 2009


An unwritten rule when ordering goods from online emporia dictates that one should never purchase just one item. Long playing records, like humankind, require mesmerizing travelling companions and should ne’er journey alone. I have pre-ordered the forthcoming Sufjan Stevens product that I mentioned here and have chosen the album called simply Album by the combo known succinctly as Girls to accompany it. Girls aren’t girls but a couple of California fellows with interesting pasts and, according to Friday’s Guardian, proffer bewitching sounds to a grateful listenership. Ever a sucker for my favoured journal’s five star reviews, I look forward gleefully to this disc’s arrival on the doormat.

I worry about Calmer*. This county’s most mesmerizing musical night out has gone all quiet and I note that no new shows are planned. A chat with young R of that organisation at Green Man (we met up by chance just before Wilco were about to stroll onto the stage) hinted that all was not well behind the scenes. I hope that any wheels that have come off are soon eased back on. Those who crave unusual and challenging sounds welcome Calmer* and its eclectic choices and would hate to lose it.

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