Thursday, September 17, 2009


Word reaches these ears that the charming monthly musical club, Acoustica, has hosted its last evening and won’t be returning for a new season o’ shows this autumn. This is a shame. I’m unsure why the shows aren’t continuing but, I suppose, such a niche evening is never going to draw the large crowds required by the Gloucester Guildhall to keep the coffers full. I’ve had some great times at Acoustica. The host, the affable A, always provided a warm welcome and, over the years, proffered some wondrous acts to a grateful crowd. I think the Coles’ first ever Acoustica featured a classy and charismatic Boo Hewerdine and our last visit, earlier this year, saw an earnest Chumbawamba present a challenging and melodic set. I doff my cap at this event and mourn its passing. As a tribute, here’s a few of my mumblings about Acoustica over the years:

Bela Emerson - January 2006

Thomas Truax - February 2007

David Ford - December 2007

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