Saturday, September 12, 2009

What the water wants is hurricanes and sailboats to ride on its back

I note with interest that the young prince of popular music, Sufjan Stevens, is playing New York’s All Tomorrows Parties festival this evening. And, gasp, 'e is performing the peerless Seven Swans album in its entirety. My word, I would love to be in attendance. The fellow then appears to be touring North America. I hope he considers Europe soon. New Stevens product hits the stores next month. The enigmatic and engaging talent releases a short film (shot by himself on Super 8 and Standard 16 film) about, of all things, New York’s Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Stevens’ orchestral soundtrack accompanies the moving images. Preternaturally I took the above photograph myself back in the Eastertide. I would have welcomed a collection of more traditional popular songs from my favourite artist but beggars can’t be choosers, y’know wha’ I mean?

These 'umble syllables were typed into (onto? upon? across?) the wondrously useful Microsoft Word facility whilst listening, awestruck, to Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky. I don’t want to open a ‘what are the best three opening tracks on a long player ever’ debate (or maybe I do) but this recording’s Either Way, You Are My Face and Impossible Germany are about as good as it gets. Beautiful music.

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