Sunday, September 06, 2009

I'm hiding out in the big city blinking

Gloucester 24 - Bath 5

I salute and acknowledge my favoured rugby union outfit known the world over as 'Gloucester'. This punter lacked a touch of confidence before today’s home derby fixture against Bath Rugby. He considered the powerful front five and slick offloading game of our opponents would prove too, er, powerful and slick for our lads to deal wi’. I apologise unreservedly for referring to myself in the third person in the last two sentences; I blame the excitement of the past few hours which was tangible and mighty. I am thrilled with the manner in which the home side played. The overall performance was, happily, enhanced by every player from one to fifteen and it was fabulous to witness a pleasing team ethic. I doff my hat to Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Robinson, wearing the fabled ten shirt on his competitive debut and running the show with grace, style and intelligence; it was compelling to view a Gloucester outside-half ‘boss’ a game with such composure and reassuring to witness shrewd and thoughtful decisions being made by the Welsh Wizard at key points in the match. He ran with √©lan, passed wittily and ambitiously and kicked for touch with skill and for the uprights with accuracy. His proved a fine debut. Elsewhere there were heroes galore to recognise. I’d like to single out Young/Big (take your pick) Dave Attwood who impressed last week and took his smashing form into today’s contest. His rugged and uncompromising rampaging and doughty adherence to the basics of the shove of the scrums and the leap of the lines-out caught this eye merrily. Other players wearing the cherry for the first time did well too. Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu was a handful in midfield with thrusting gallops and forceful forcefulness while another former Bath favourite, Tom Voyce, impressed with a steady and bright outing at full back. Old heroes were splendid too and I noted the elegant way the young prince, Simpson-Daniel took his brace of tries and the commitment shown by gnarled veterans Hazel, Brown and Somerville. I hope today’s performance will prove a catalyst for finer play and even more pleasant results. Hurrah!

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