Thursday, June 08, 2006

Desperate Dan, Desperate Pain

A few days away from here and toothache is to blame. I’ve been suffering all week and a (rare) trip to the dentist this morning confirmed that an abscess is causing me all this pain and is responsible for my newly acquired Desperate Dan chin. A course of penicillin shall ease the swelling and I’ve been popping more pills than the late period Happy Mondays to relieve the rotten pain. Naturally, I’m milking this for all it is worth.

Of course, I have been following the Wayne Rooney broken foot saga with fierce concentration and am delighted that ‘the boy’ has been passed fit enough to return to the squad. He may make the knock-out stages but one report this morning indicates that Eriksson may play the jovial young Scouser against the Swedes. I’m still concerned about our attacking options with Owen not at his sharpest, Walcott lacking experience and Crouch, although reassuringly awkward, maybe not the fully rounded international striker we need against the better nations. I wish Defoe was still with the squad at the expense of Jenas or Hargreaves.

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