Thursday, June 15, 2006


A busy time of the year for me this. A heady mix of too much to do elsewhere, the heat, the World Cup and recent dental miseries has kept me away from these pages. Regular visitors to these pages should expect a quietish period.

England’s 2-0 victory against Trinidad and Tobago was probably deserved but was nonetheless frustrating and nerve-wracking. I am keen to sign up to the theory that a slow starting England might just peak at the right time and use later improvements to carry themselves a long way in the tournament. It was reassuring to watch an enthusiastic Rooney enter the field of play. Lennon did well too.

I played snooker for the first time in about twelve years last night and acquitted myself reasonably well. My highest break was a tasty thirteen, a canny pink and black clearance to snatch a tense victory. I scored lots of breaks of one. I left the club satisfied that I hadn't made a complete fool of myself and that shall form my finest achievement.

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