Friday, June 09, 2006

I've Got A Feeling

The penicillin has started to kick in and swelling on my jowl/cheek/chin is diminishing although I still retain a hamsteresque countenance. A colleague remarked jauntily this morning that I appeared ‘more symmetrical’ today which is an encouragement of sorts.

There are two albums I strongly desire. Twelve Stops and Home by The Feeling has harvested fine reviews for its melodic nods to the likes of Wings and E.L.O.and I reckon I could do with a dollop. Another album I’d like is The Trials of Van Occupanther by wistful Texans, Midlake. Again, the reviews have proved fabulous and the one song I’ve heard on BBC 6Music (which, as ever, I gently endorse) is just beautiful and really tenderly arranged. On each occasion it has been played I have had to stop what I’m doing and just soak it up – and that happens rarely these days.

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