Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Don't Look Back

I’ve been far too busy to trot onto these pages as often as I would like. I still care. I’m tired though.

I can’t wait for the summer holidays.

It looks likely I’ll be joining D for a London concert in the Don’t Look Back series that the ubercool ATP organise each year. Basically, selected bands play the whole of a classic album (and a few other favourites) for the masses. I don’t always approve of ‘looking back’ musically but it seems a jolly process and a pinch of nostalgia never did anyone any harm. Any road up, Teenage Fanclub are showcasing their 1991 (I had to look that up) second album Bandwagonesque. It should be fun. I actually prefer their albums Songs From Northern Britain and Grand Prix which aren’t quite as ‘indie’ as Bandwagonesque but Bandwagonesque will do for me. It’ll be nice to go to a new venue for me, The Forum in Kentish Town.

I see that there is a Calmer* night in Cheltenham on the 20th July with a band called Flipron playing. They look quite interesting and possibly ‘up me street’. I wonder if A might be interested in nipping over?

I’m keen to buy a bit more new music in London too and spend a few pleasant hours browsing the record shops. There are a few things I’d like.


Sweeny said...

Phew, it really is like wading through treacle at the moment, Amen.

Am I "A"?

I hadn't noticed there were more Calmer gigs up. Yeah that would be good. Did you notice that Philip Roebuck is on in August too?

A (?)

Martin Cole said...

Yes you are 'A'....feel proud. We'll sort something out nearer the time...but I'm quite keen to pop over. I do wish Calmer* wouldn't construct such wordy synopses of bands - it only leaves one disappointed when they are not Pavement crossed with Val Doonican after he's been listening to N.W.A.