Saturday, February 14, 2009


I shall be attending the rugby union later and look forward with as much energy as I can muster to the debut of Carlos Spencer in Gloucester colours. Could the enigmatic New Zealander prove to be the missing piece in the cherry ‘n’ white jigsaw and, indeed, live up to the ‘Next Les Jones’ tag that has stymied the careers of so many that have worn the mythical ten shirt? My prediction, for what it is worth, is that the fellow shall enjoy a tremendous debut this afternoon and wow the assembled throng with magical, near mystical, skills that create varied opportunities for the likes of Balshaw and the young prince, Simpson-Daniel to pounce upon. Harder grounds may suit the Kiwi’s remarkable talents and, with a full squad to select from in the last quarter of the season, Spencer shall prove the catalyst as the club claims the ‘official’ Premiership title for the first time. We’ll see.

The Wedding Present have been added to the roster of beat combos that are going to play Gloucester’s Guildhall this spring. I would like to attend their concert party and, once in the sanctity of the auditorium, shall be crying out for a My Favourite Dress or an A Million Miles. There is obviously a 'good egg' in charge of booking bands for the local venue.

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