Saturday, February 21, 2009

Out of the quarrel with ourselves

An earnest quintet of Coles attended the local spa town’s Bacon Theatre last evening. Wry and witty poet John Hegley entertained those gathered with his Beyond Our Kennel show, essentially an alphabetically arranged series of poems with an animal theme. As ever with the Hegley fellow, poignant reflections jostled with pithy rib-ticklers and there were the usual fabulous and unexpected rhymes ("I am a guillemot / I don't eat krill a lot"). Audience participation allowed us all the chance to ask and answer questions, belt out backing vocals ebulliently and, towards the end of the night, unselfconsciously make little doggies with our hands that we could pretend to feed fig rolls to and show off to complete strangers. It was fun. John Hegley, I worked out this morning, is my second most seen performing artist. I’ve seen him five times now but the affable poet has a lot of catching up to do to reach The Fall.


Adrian said...

Heh heh! I like John Hegley. One of my favourite poems from him was on the subject of the Edinburgh Tattoo and went as follows:

"Some people think it is taboo to boo hoo the Tattoo. But I think the Tattoo is something to say ta ta to."

I do hope you have been viewing ‘Stuart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle’ on BBC2 Martin. I was hoping to see a review of the show on this here ‘blogger’ site you are so obviously using as a front for your illegal Mars Bar sales, as I’m pretty sure it would be to your humorous tastes.

Unfortunately, the first episode is no longer viewable on the BBC iPlayer, but the second episode is still available in this ongoing quality comedy series:

Stuart Lee seems to hate all the same things I do which is quite amusing. Jeremy Clarkson, Chris Moyles, Dan Brown. I especially liked the bit on the first episode where he told of the mistake he made once of ordering a book from Amazon by Jeremy Clarkson which then had the effect of radically altering his Amazon customer profile purchase suggestions:

‘People who purchased ‘Women and their four uses’ by Jeremy Clarkson, also purchased ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolf Hitler.

I see Stuart Lee as a curmudgeon version of Martin Cole in many ways. So I’d be interested to read what you think of this very funny ‘quality’ comedian.

Cole said...

I shall check him out dear McKenzie; thanks for the tip.

Hegley was ok. I've seen him on better form. At the end of the day, there are only so many animal poems one can enjoy. I appreciate his pithier 'human condition' poems much more. I'm a huge fan of 'Eddie Don't Like Furniture' by the Hegmeister. You can google for this poem if you wish.

Guess you'll be packing for Glastonbury soon.


Adrian said...

I'm sure you'll love Lee's analysis of popular culture. He's had me and The Arundel giggling away (in a genuine manner I may add) on the phone with each other over the last two weeks. The next episode is on Monday night, BBC2.

Yes, I'm rather excited about Glastonbury. Tickets have now been purchased, it's already sold out this year, and rumours that Rolf Harris and Tom Jones maybe headlining. Plus that Neil Young, Blur and Depeche Mode (whoever they are).

Looking forward to it. I notice the Green Man Festival news is appearing in the music press too as you report above.

Keep off the drugs though Martin. Last year at Glastonbury I tried some Yellow Bentines and 3 Quack Candles which resulted in me sitting on a wooden bench at 11pm listening to Groove Armada whilst eating a Yorkshire Pudding and some chips & gravy. Crazy times.