Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Carlos Spencer joined Gloucester today on a year and a half deal. A week ago this move seemed utterly unlikely with the New Zealand legend seemingly ensconced happily in the East Midlands. A sudden tearing up of his contract and a hurried bit of business by the movers and shakers at Kingsholm mean he will be wearing cherry from now on. As ever, it is worth popping over to other clubs’ message boards to ascertain the gut feeling about departures and, generally, the Northampton supporters are sad to see the fellow leave Franklins Gardens. He is held in high regard by those who chant 'Jimmys!' it seems and many Saints fanatics believe he will offer my favoured club a great deal. I lick my lips at the prospect of harder pitches and Spencer, with his remarkable bag o’ tricks, unleashing the young prince Simpson-Daniel, the strong-running Qera, the elegant Balshaw and their various cohorts. Where does this leave young Ryan Lamb? I would suggest that Spencer and Lamb are similar types of player, with attacking zeal and an ability to unlock miserly defences. Spencer is a different class though and it may be a difficult year or so for Lamb as he is forced to play understudy to a classier act. I welcome this signing. It’ll be a fascinating final few months of the season.

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