Thursday, February 05, 2009

So throw those curtains wide!

I’ve been playing with spotify. The peerless Word Magazine loves spotify (and explicates it better than me) and I’m growing kinda fond of it too. Word describes it as ‘like iTunes, but made out of magic’ and I can appreciate that description. I’m not that clever at explaining technical stuff but, essentially, more music than one can imagine is at one’s fingertips, stored not on your ol’ hard-drive but, er, elsewhere. Melodies are instantly available to stream (you can’t download any tunes) which is fine if, like me, you possess a fine pair of speakers connected to your computing machinery. Cheltenham-based A kindly invited me to join and, like him, I’m using it to sample new sounds. As I earnestly type these words, I’m listening to Pram Town by Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern on spotify, furrowing my brow slightly and considering this album’s worth. This LP exists on my Amazon wishlist but I’m welcoming the chance to hear it now for free. It’s quirky and reminds me a little of The Lilac Time. Spotify will also be useful when I receive my monthly magazines; I can read the reviews and then trot vivaciously to load up the application and hear the sounds that I crave immediately. It’s legal, by the way, as advertisers pay the bill. You need an invitation to join I believe and I'm happy to oblige with one should anyone be tempted. I know I haven’t explained this very well. It’s good though.


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