Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dreams, they complicate my life

I alluded here that there may be one or two R.E.M. albums that might be rather fine and, sadly, may have passed me by. There was a time in my life when I would have fiercely squared up to any fellow – gentleman or not – who hinted that one day I’d be letting R.E.M. long players pass me by. It’s happened though. Up is a belting long player and I’ve spun it on numerous occasions recently and grooved rigorously to its classy aural soundscapes. Anyhow, I’ve now downloaded Monster, the 1994 offering by the Georgian art-rock collective and I look forward to reporting on it here soon. There’s an interesting thread on the Word site where a hepcat has pondered whether any band has ever produced more than four essential albums. I’d suggest R.E.M.’s first five albums could be classed as ‘essential’. I won’t list them and bore all and sundry, but you can spy the titles here.

During the days when I was stuck inside festering because of the snowfall, I signed up and created a Twitter account for myself. I am yet to post anything. I’m not sure I either understand or fully appreciate Twitter yet. It seems a bit pointless. Perhaps it will all become clear one day.

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