Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Can You Keep a Secret?

Solemn and angular Texan – yet New York based - art-rockers The Secret Machines are playing the Bristol Bierkeller in March and I am more than keen to attend. I’d imagine that they’d make a heck of a racket in such a tiny venue. They are an interesting band and I greatly admired the studied poise and swagger of their last long-player, ‘Now Here is Nowhere’ which reminded me a little of an airbrushed Killing Joke, bags of durm und strang but lacking the menace. I am also thrilled, and a tad surprised, that glitch-hoppers Prefuse 73 shall be supporting the ‘chines. Their two albums, Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives’ (after which this website is named no less) and, in particular, ‘One Word Extinguisher’ buzz with textures, smart and streetwise samples and out-there riddims. Part hip-hop, part self-assured electronica, I’d imagine their live set would prove one to remember. That evening has to be inked into diary now. The enigma that remains ‘S’ has been contacted and he is up for it too.

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