Saturday, January 07, 2006

Eight Goal Thriller

Liverpool’s 5-3 FA Cup victory over Luton Town was a joy to behold and I was bewitched by incident after incident in a dramatic second half. The last thirty seconds contained a last-ditch attempt by Luton to salvage a draw involving the goalkeeper coming up for a corner. I always love it when that happens. The icing on the cake came when play broke up and, with the goalkeeper stranded and Liverpool gaining possession, Alonso belted the ball into the Luton net from well inside his own half. I love it when that happens too. For the neutral it was compelling stuff.

For fun as much as anything, during the last general election campaign, I filled out an online form, answering numerous questions about my views on a host of matters, to ascertain which political party I was most closely aligned to. It turned out to be the Liberal Democrats although, apart from tactical votes at local polls, I have never supported the party. Nevertheless I was saddened today as Charles Kennedy, hounded by colleagues who lacked any semblance of loyalty, compassion or bravery, resigned as leader. I really felt for the geezer. His courage at confessing to a distressing drink problem two days ago indicated a human side rarely witnessed in a major politician. My respect and admiration for Kennedy’s outstanding condemnation of the Iraq situation was matched by more personal sentiments. I wish him well.