Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Four Eternal Truths of United Fixtures

Monday night at Kingsholm was interesting. The United, or ‘A’ team in new money, always throws up plenty to think about. It used to be maintained by one or two of my circle that a United fixture always contained one almighty punch-up, at least one superb try, one Gloucester player emphatically on the way up and, to balance this, one emphatically lurching towards an ignoble end to his Gloucester career. The fixture against Leicester didn’t disappoint on any of these counts. The forward battle was uncompromising and, at times, heated. Quick hands led to some well-taken tries and our new South African Rudi Keil scored a beauty, set up with some sublime running lines and slick passing, not least from returning prodigal Henry Paul. The player on the way up is young Jack Forster whose bulk helps him dominate scrums and set pieces but is adding more and more to his game each time I see him in action. Sadly, and I feel the dream is over, Quentin Davids contributed very little and I reckon his days may be numbered. His line out play is non-existent to be frank and, apart from throwing his huge frame at the occasional ruck, he offers little in the looser exchanges.