Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Life of Ryan

This month's Mojo arrived yesterday and I trawled through its ‘Top 100 Albums Since Mojo Started’ list with the usual enthusiasm for such items. With Mojo having been going since 1993 this was a chance to scan the albums mentioned and work out what I have missed and, frankly, do something about it. As a result I have downloaded a couple of the more recent Johnny Cash albums and another country recording that has passed me by, Gillian Welch’s Time (The Revelator). In a fit of excitement I also bagged myself four, yes four, Lilac Time albums. The reviews of these albums on Amazon all glow intensely and if they are half as good as the Stephen Duffy CD I bought recently, I’ll be thrilled.

Incidentally, Grace by Jeff Buckley was voted the best album in the Mojo poll, a recording I own but have only played once and maybe then not all the way through. Essentially, I have always pooh-poohed it. Perhaps I need to reappraise it but shall do so once I’ve played and grown to love all these Lilac Time albums.

I have burnt a copy of I Trawl the Megahertz by Paddy McAloon for S. He deserves it.

To Kingsholm later today. The Brive club visits. I am immensely interested in Ryan Lamb’s display at outside-half having watched the youngster play for the ‘A’ team on a number of occasions and stood agog at the youngster’s vision, skill, speed and maturity. Some might call him a genius. I think I might too. Perhaps in twenty years time, thousands will claim to have witnessed the fellow’s home full debut who weren’t actually there.

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Rose said...

Been looking through your posts - very fine taste you have in music there. Well done on getting the Lilac Time stuff - I've got their double CD anthology and some other Stephen Duffy stuff, it's excellent. Saw Gillian Welch perform The Revelator material live at the Cambridge Folk Fest a few years ago.

Oh, and (as you'll have seen from my blog), I'm also a Berwick St aficionado...

Have put a link to your blog on mine - us musos must stick together. Keep writing!