Wednesday, April 26, 2006


A busy week indeed and neither time nor energy to post on here. I am looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend with relish not least because I'll be able to stay up late on Sunday and watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on More4 without thinking that I should really be hooking some kip ready for another shift at work. I think the Coles might be sampling some Point to Point horse racing on Monday and buoyed by my success in the Grand National I anticipate further riches heading my way. I wonder if publications like the Racing Post offer form guides for such meetings? Anybody know?

I spoke to the guy from Oxfam yesterday and have secured passes for the Saturday and Sunday at the Wychwood Festival. His broad Yorkshire accent made me ask him to repeat what he desired me to do but it transpired that I hadn't misheard him and I shall be flogging Indian saris.

A note to Adam from the Chronicle: thanks for the non-rugby posting that will have confused 90% of the KC regulars (Green Man? Who did he play for?) and I shall certainly consider that event. The affable 'S', a regular initial on these pages, is a fan of the Green Man and has been known to twist my arm about attending too.

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