Monday, April 10, 2006

Rugby Round-Up

I started watching the Sale against Gloucester match more in hope than in expectation but, by no-side, I was delighted with and charmed by the passion, pride, prowess and progress shown by ‘the lads’. With a certain inevitability the Stockport club edged past the city to claim an 18-15 victoire but I was heartened by the young guns in cherry shirts; in particular, the trio of Lamb, Morgan, and Allen ooze class. I look forward to watching their careers develop over the next few seasons. Ryan Lamb could well become the ‘Tredworth Carlos Spencer’; his confidence and range of attacking skills are marvellous to behold. He is only 19. He is only 19.

Reports link Philip Vickery with the Wasps club. Rumours abound. It has been alleged that the club, examining the player’s injury record, have offered him less than expected for the final year of his contract in a similar fashion to the departing Samoan Terry Fanolua. I must admit to be being a huge fan of Vickery’s and wish that all his team mates could wear those famous colours with his zeal and fervour – and skill. However I assume that he is on a mighty salary and, therefore, the mere ten or eleven games per season he starts for the city do not represent value for money in my eyes. I think he might be replaceable. If ‘the Vickster’ does leave it will be with mixed feelings on my part.

S rarely texts me so I was surprised to receive a brace of SMS messages from the fellow on Sunday afternoon. He was at Twickenham watching the Powergen Cup Final and wished to report to me some atrocious crime committed by one Lawrence Bruno Nero Caligula Dallaglio. Reading between the lines, our favourite flank forward had some rank involvement, according to S, either before or after the Easterby injury that had raised the zealous texter’s ire. I shall have to telephone the chap to ascertain what went on. I do hope that S didn’t get too overwrought or agitated though.

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