Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ron Cox I think I love you

I rarely, rarely flutter and can’t honestly remember the last time I gambled on the Grand National so yesterday’s unambitious four-and-a-half English pounds each-way on Numbersixvalverde (I had to look that up) represented a huge triumph and, importantly, yielded a stunning sixty-odd quid for the ol’ back pocket. The race itself was incredibly exhilarating with Niall 'Slippers' Madden (I had to look that up too) keeping the horse safely tucked away for the early stages before timing its run-in to perfection. I salute Ron Cox of The Guardian who steered me away from the joint favourites and towards my chosen filly with some excellent arguments that for the life of me I am unable to recall a day later. Hurrah!

My delightful winnings afforded the Coles a night of luxury yesterday with fine wines, effervescent cordials, exotic snacks and rented DVDs turning our humble semi into a veritable pleasuredome for a fleeting hour or two. We watched Fargo last night and appreciated its memorable cast of characters and offbeat twists. Gosh, it was violent too. The company known simply as 'Blockbusters' is to be acknowledged for the stunning ‘three DVDs for a fiver for a week’ deal which means we still have Donnie Darko and Dead Man’s Shoes to view.

This slightly more considered review of last Friday’s Acoustica made me feel a bit guilty for being so caustic about the artists who were performing. However, I’m glad I was honest in retrospect. A less effusive review gives the more glowing accolades that I have bestowed a lot more meaning and without wishing to impart any importance or gravitas to these humble pages – they have none whatsoever – they are nothing if the custodian of this space doesn’t state what he thinks or believes. I still rate Acoustica as a concept though. Boo Hewerdine, Duke Special and, to a lesser extent, Bela Emerson and The Family Machine were all marvellous. They, in differing ways, challenged – and, heck, that makes so much difference.

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Sweeny said...

Hey, good for you mate!

To be honest I was bottling out from saying anything really rude about the evening because I know Al a bit and he looked as if he felt that the evening had not gone well, what with tables not being out and rows of empty seats. I didn't really like any of the bands either, to be honest.

I did look around and wonder where you might be. Are you going to the next one? I'll wear a pink carnation...