Friday, April 14, 2006

A Nasty Little Club

Obviously I strongly desire my favoured rugby club to win every game they contest but I am especially keen that ‘the lads’ notch a large and satisfying ‘W’ tomorrow against Worcester. Victory would edge the club closer to that all-important European berth and would keep our collective noses in front of Northampton (who are playing at home to Leicester tonight and, naturally, I hope they slip up). Secondly, I can’t abide the Worcester club, a plastic bunch of arrivistes without history, dignity or any real worth frankly. Their ghastly supporters will pitch up at Kingsholm on the morrow with their Warriors helmets and well-rehearsed singalong sing-songs trying desperately not to look like the Johnny-cum-lately chancers they so tangibly are. I can imagine them now. Yuck. I really, really want to win this one.


Sweeny said...

Woah! Steady on there, Martin! Open a window or something!

Can't believe you find Worcester more irritating than Wasps or Bath...

Fair enough the "Let's take over the Shed" comments are a bit tiresome, but do you really find them worse than Joe "Hand Shandy" Worsley, or Rob Fidler running in front of the Shed kissing his Bath badge?

Martin Cole said...

Two compelling images there and I suppose, if pushed, I'd rather see Wasps or Bath get relegated (as good a yardstick as any, I guess)than Worcester. Its a close-run thing though. The Worcester supporting-by-numbers hordes remind me too much of all the smug Bath supporters who SUDDENLY appeared when their club SUDDENLY got successful back in the amateur days. They're just so irritatingly ill-informed and, after all those years of smashing Otley or Pertemps Bees every weeek, believe they have a divine right to win every match. I don't like Worcester.