Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Future And What It Holds

The Coles are heading to the historic and improbably large city of London in February, sans children, to spend a weekend doing stuff. We’ll probably go to the Victoria and Albert Museum, might trot to the Tate Modern and certainly will saunter around a market or two on the Sunday. I have a furtive eye cast in the direction of the newish Fopp Megastore on the Tottenham Court Road that the raffish D speaks of with joy in his heart. It has its own cafeteria apparently. Whatever next? I did try and find a gig to attend on the Saturday night but nothing captured the ol’ imagination. Jarvis Cocker was the best bet and, well, my pulse didn’t exactly race at the prospect. Instead I picked up a brace of tickets for Pinter’s People at the Haymarket don'tcha know, a collection of sketches written by Harold Pinter between 1958 and 2002. Bill Bailey is in it. I think its previews start tomorrow so I’ll be watching out for what the critics have to say with interest.

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