Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vert Enough

The deed is done and I’m off to a festival this summer. I booked a brace of tickets for this August’s Green Man Festival earlier this evening, one for me and one for the affable Warrington-bred S. I anticipate that other comrades may be heading to Brecon in the hols too. I hope so. No acts have been confirmed yet but by February I should learn who is playing and, by all accounts, the bill is an exciting one. In a way, knowing who is going to be playing can help determine what CDs I listen to this spring; it will be lovely to head off to Wales having really ‘got into’ a number of acts that otherwise would have passed under the old radar. I’m glad the tickets are booked; I reckon with this being a Glastonbury year, there might be a few disappointed people seeking a Green Man ticket soonish so getting in early might prove salient. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I don’t enjoy sleeping under canvas (an understatement!) but I’ll put that thought to one side for a while and start planning a mental-health-enhancement programme in July.

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