Sunday, January 14, 2007

This may not be uptown Jamaica but we promise you a treat

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy accompanied me as I strolled along the supermarket aisles this morning. The worthily bearded lo-fi singer-songwriter was not there in person as I perused the choices in the cereal section but I was playing his stunning recording The Letting Go that A wistfully delivered into my life earlier this week. It’s a beautiful album full of space, understated calm and sweet, sweet melodies augmented by some striking male/female harmonies courtesy of Dawn McCarthy and the man himself. I’m keen to hear some more by this fellow. I’ve heard The Letting Go five or six times now and each listen reveals more layers and more depth to the album and I’m excited by the knowledge that there is an extensive back catalogue to explore. As I am part of a expedition setting manfully out in a fortnight to see Billy at Bristol’s Colston Hall I am naturally eager to investigate his earlier stuff.

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Sweeny said...

It IS a good listen isn't it?

Really like Strange Form of Life. It's going to a good evening. Looking forward to it!