Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yesterday was tiring but fun, a lengthy day spent in the capital sandwiched by two longish train journeys, the first of which rendered us five-and-seventy minutes late, ruining my well-planned schedule. We still packed a lot in, including an hour or so sliding at the Tate Modern before a hearty and spicy ‘Ruby Murray’ in Notting Hill. I am suffering from London Eye fatigue; yesterday’s ‘flight’, my third, was a touch underwhelming and I reckon the novelty has now worn off. It was almost a case of ‘Oh yeah, there’s Big Ben. Hmmm, the Gherkin…’ I don’t think I’ll travel on it again. My debut, a couple of years back, was thrilling though.

As so often happens, a heavy day is followed by a visit from Mr Migraine the next morning and I feel decidedly groggy today.

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