Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What do points make?

Gloucester 15 - London Irish 3

Oh dear. This must rank as one of the dullest matches I have witnessed at Kingsholm. The appalling weather conditions conspired with some less than satisfactory decision making to throw up a game that was short on excitement, thrills and any real skill or intelligent football. It was dreary but at least Gloucester collected four points and prevented our opponents, potential rivals for top-of-table spoils come late spring, from attaining a bonus point. As suggested in my words previewing this fixture, Balshaw eclipsed the boy Foster, and in a twenty minute cameo ran thoughtful lines, chose angles that Pythagoras himself would have saluted and, importantly, scored the try that made the victory safe. Lamb did not enjoy his best game for the city but the wind and rain excuse him and I feel he was, in the style of a Nazi leader at Nuremburg, only obeying instructions when kicking down his opponents’ collective neck so much. One to forget.

This morning was exciting though. I appeared on the Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show on BBC 6Music. I texted in my correct answer (‘Oliver Twist’ for posterity) and, minutes later, the show’s producer Phil Wilding called me and asked if I’d like to speak to Phill live on air. It was enormous fun and the jocular host put me at my ease skilfully as we chatted about Christmas and various CDs from last year. I’ve won a couple of books which are on the way, my first prizes from that fine radio station for ages (I must have won seven or eight prizes in the past). Naturally, being a vain so-and-so I was straight onto ‘Listen Again’ at the show’s conclusion to hear our jovial dialogue. It will be online for one week – our exchange takes place two hours and fifty minutes into the show and you are able to fast forward in units of five or fifteen minutes.

Happy New Year.

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