Friday, May 02, 2008

A bit folky from a distance...

I won’t quote S exactly, but, suffice to say the SMS text message I received from him today indicated deep pleasure that Pentangle are headlining the Green Man Festival on the Sabbath. For many years, the only Pentangle music I’d heard was the really rather beautiful theme song to Take Three Girls, a BBC drama from the late sixties. However, this week I downloaded Sweet Child, the band’s double long player from 1968 and I’ve been spinning said product a fair bit. Essentially, the album is the proverbial game of two folk halves, one part live concert recordings, one part studio product and, I must confess, it is the live stuff I prefer. The musical talents of the five members are showcased neatly, Jacqui McShee’s voice sounds heavenly while individual cameos – Terry Cox’s glockenspiel work is especially fine – all sound splendid. I am enjoying my research.

I’ve started copying and pasting some of the album reviews I’ve penned on these pages over the years onto my online music store of choice, Amazon. They were only gathering dust. My pride took a blow this evening when I logged on and checked my account only to discover that I am ranked as the site’s 268, 881st reviewer. The only way, as Yazz and the Plastic Population would have it, is up.

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