Friday, May 30, 2008

Boom! Boom!

I note that The Guardian proffered Fleet Foxes’ eponymous debut long player five stars today. I concur with the august publication’s acclaim and fervour. This is a beautiful album, full of soaring harmonies that would melt the sternest heart and giddy melodies that evoke the merriest moments of American music wi’ oodles of acoustic ‘n’ folky bliss to boot. This is a vulpine group. This is a vulpine group.

I’m quietly intrigued by the glowing reviews I have studied that pour praise upon Paul Weller’s latest offerin’. By all accounts, 22 Dreams is an experimental masterwork, miles away from the rather plodding, occasionally interesting, ahem, ‘dad-rock’ that one has come to expect from the, ahem, ‘Modfather’. I noted my youthful love of Weller’s collective The Jam on my old weblog, here and here and, lo!, downloaded my favourite Jam album, Sound Affects, earlier today. That album meant a lot to me as a teenager; sometimes Weller’s lyrics seem a touch ‘sixth-form’ in retrospect but there are plenty of profound, politically aware, edgy and, importantly, somewhat experimental moments on Sound Affects. It’s a great album.

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