Sunday, May 18, 2008

The New Mobility

A melancholic S telephoned within the past half hour; he had decided to buy a Belbury Poly CD to cheer himself up. If only all our maudlin moments could be cured by purchasing an item from the esoteric and remarkable Ghost Box record label. Of course, the Kingsholm cognoscenti that frequent these pages will realise the cause of the young fellow’s misery although S, a hardliner when it comes to the rugby play-off system was more upset about the situation the city club found itself in today as opposed to the result, a single point loss against Leicester Tigers. We both feel terribly sorry for our brave players who gave everything over the past few weeks, and indeed over the course of a long and tiring campaign. Gloucester should be kicking themselves to be honest as Leicester really were there for the taking today just as Munster were in the Heineken Cup a month or two ago. Hopefully next term will see some silverware to celebrate. The squad is strong and deep and the signing of Oliver Barkley will provide the team with more options. Generally, this season’s newcomers have all proved excellent acquisitions – who had heard of Qera and Strokosch a year ago? – and maybe one or two further clever swoops will bring success to the famous side. Tonight, I might just go online and buy a CD and see if that cheers me up. Any suggestions?


redkaty said...

For cheery pop nonsense I suggest The Wombats if only for this lyric:

let's dance to joy division
and celebrate the irony
everything is going wrong
but we're so happy

Otherwise vibrate your eardrums to Supergrass as the Diamond Hoo Ha men and hope the Guildhall's Glasto warmups are up to snuff!

Cole said...

Wise words...I shall investigate.