Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't Walk Away

It was pleasing to enjoy a pint or two with the earnest S last evening. Our hostelry of choice was Café Rene in the centre of the metropolis known in these ‘ere parts and beyond as ‘Gloucester’. The Rene is quite a success story, I’d venture. When I was a young fellow, it used to be called The Inner Court, a wine bar type establishment, with an indie club for hipsters and groovesters called The Underground, er, under the ground. The place was fairly popular back then, but nothing like it is now. There was a really decent sized crowd drinking there last night, with many making the most of a fine evening and supping out of doors. Before setting out, music was exchanged. I provided S with the Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes albums I have swooned over in recent days while S passed me The Willows, the Belbury Poly long player he had purchased to cheer himself up after the rugby union play-off debacle. The first play indicates the clipped textures and soundscapes of early Boards of Canada but without the brooding air of mystery that surrounds the Scottish duo’s work. Belbury Poly’s elektronik niche is to pay homage to library music and 1970s public information films with psychedelic and folky grooves adding to the synthesised musings. It sounds wondrous.

Talking of Boards of Canada, I note that three years have passed since their most recent amd, in my opinion, most splendid long player,The Campfire Headphase, was released. New material would be welcome. In the mean time, trot along here and play Roybgiv or Aquarius or Dayvan Cowboy loudly. This is as good as it gets.

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