Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bath loss; pathos

I don’t want to dwell too much on yesterday’s rugby. Any Gloucester loss to Bath is hard to stomach but I have rarely felt as gutted as I did at the final whistle yesterday. However, a day on I feel a little more positive. Judging by the comments of others, I was the luckiest guy in the ground having missed the dire first half because of work. The second half was wonderfully – and often for the wrong reason - exciting and contained plenty of incident and I relished watching the skill of Simpson-Daniel and, to a lesser extent, Peter Richards carving Bath up and creating plenty of chances. The introduction of Fanolua for the underwhelming Keil was fascinating; the Samoan’s spirit seemed to change the match and the presence of a character who epitomises all the club stands for was almost enough to win the match. It wasn’t to be. The last passage of play was unbearably thrilling and that made defeat all the harder to swallow. One level head at the death would have sent the stadium into delirious raptures but a miss is as good as a mile at this level. I’m still disenchanted today but I know that such dark thoughts will help render the next glorious win all the more agreeable. It certainly is not easy following Gloucester at times. At least my mood indicates how much I still care after all these years.

I have been investigating a website I read about in yesterday’s Guardian,, a huge archive of music videos, both commercial and bootlegged. The concert footage available is mind-blowing. This recording of Gang of Four playing ‘He’d Send in the Army’ from 1981 is simply joyous. Gill et al seem to be wearing futurist shirts and are definitely as po-faced as ever. There’s a gorgeous bit of Go-Betweens too, playing ‘Clouds’ in concert and looking and sounding imperious. Some kind punter has chucked some footage of Ryan Adams’ Bristol gig from a few days ago enabling more poor suckers to suffer as well. Adams apart, this is a real Aladdin’s Cave.

The majestic Shack are touring this year and playing Bristol. I must tell S.

The picture of the kitten is to help embittered Gloucester supporters focus their energies on something more positive and life-affirming. It's the best I can do. Sorry.

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