Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Heading South

Some weeks off need to be packed with fun and incident but others require leading the simple life in order to recharge and relax. This week certainly falls into the latter category. Listening to the radio, checking out a few albums, playing word games with the family, making decent progress with the current reading material: all simple pleasures but so worthwhile nonetheless. Today the Coles are heading to Bristol but separating on arrival. The female 60% is trotting purposefully to the zoo gardens in Clifton while T and I are staying around the docks and intend to visit the Watershed, the Arnolfini Gallery (where we may watch a film) and At Bristol, the science place. I’ve been dragging my heels purchasing the Calexico tickets for April so might nip up Park Street then down the steps to the Bristol Academy to buy direct for a change. The forecast was lousy for today but right now, at half past eight, the sun is cascading through the blinds and causing me to squint a tad: a good omen. I hope the weather is suitably splendid in the south of the county.

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