Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chance Meetings with Folk

I downloaded 'Coles Corner' by former Longpig Richard Hawley today. It is one of those albums that appeared on various best-of-2005 lists and generally received glowing reviews. On first listen I must confess that it isn’t my thing but I shall not give up yet. It is a bit too ‘croony’ for my liking; I have gone off big arrangements and overblown orchestrations. I’ll probably love it tomorrow.

This morning’s visit to the barbers proved stressful and uncomfortable. A former teacher of mine strolled in, a fellow who is now in his mid 80s and who retired twenty years ago, a couple of years after I left school. He was not my favourite then and I fear the feeling was mutual. Today’s brief meeting and exchange, facilitated by my affable hairdresser who knew no better, was a touch awkward and one I could have done without. Part of me feels a bit shoddy that I could have rather negative thoughts about someone who was part of my life so long ago and who is now a very elderly and harmless soul. He was welcomed into the shop by the barbers like a long-lost returning hero. My heart, frankly, sank. I probably felt guilty remembering what a terrible fool I was at school as much as everything.

My haircut was cracking so it wasn’t a totally desperate half hour.

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